Spring Golf Course Preparation

    The bankruptcy trustee has given PSA the authority, in advance of the upcoming auction, to begin the process of spring golf course preparation work at EPGR. Over the next week, approximately (based largely on weather, naturally), you will see teams on the golf course readying the greens, in particular, for

    Update on Repair of Gate #5 February 6, 2018

    Per updated posted by Steven Hinds 2/6/18

    Update on Gate #5

    The part was set to arrive yesterday according to the tracking information, around 1:45 PM I got an alert stating there was an issue with delivery and it was not going to be delivered. I contacted the post office this morning and they are checking on it’s status, I will followup with the carrier when he arrives today as well. We are at the mercy of the USPS at this point, as soon as they call me back I will update this post.